• Tenant: The private person who enters into the rental agreement with the landlord, for a certain period and a certain price.
    • Landlord: The owner or the external partner who offers the holiday home for rent through their channels.
    • Rental agreement: Is the list of the agreements made between landlord, tenant and owner. This includes certain period, price, arrival and departure times, number of people present,…
    • Owner: Are the private owners or their representatives who, by mutual agreement , offer the property for rent. In this agreement they are the representatives of the interests of Maison Violette.
    • Rental price: The price agreed between the parties, tenant, landlord and owners. Excluding the deposit and the costs for utilities and cleaning.
    • Deposit: The part of the rental price that is due at the time of the final reservation

      The general terms and conditions always apply to every temporary rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord(s) of one or more holiday home.

    • Guarantee: The amount that is transferred for safekeeping at the latest at the start of the rental. This amount is used to compensate costs and any additional costs or damage.


2.1. After receiving your reservation request, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail from the landlord with the relevant details for your stay and your personal details.

2.2. The tenant undertakes to check the accuracy and completeness of the data after receipt of the reservation confirmation. Any missing or incorrect data must be reported immediately and within 24 hours in order to guarantee misunderstandings and a correct course of the stay. If the correction or addition of the data is not done or is done late, the tenant is not entitled to invoke this incompleteness or inaccuracy of the reservation confirmation.

2.3. The landlord informs the tenant about the rented holiday home, the rental price, deposit, costs and the general terms and conditions. The reservation is only final after the payment of the deposit of 30% of the rental price.

2.4. The tenant agrees to these general terms and conditions when they make the payment of the advance or deliver a signed agreement.

2.5. In the event that two tenants register for the same period, it is always the tenant who first complies with the modalities of the agreement who retains the right. In that case, the second tenant will receive his payments back, without being able to claim compensation or any other form of compensation.


3.1. The rental agreement is for a predetermined period, outside this period the tenant has no right to access the holiday home. In special periods (e.g. Christmas and New Year periods), the period can be at least one calendar week. When you make a reservation for such a special period, no deviations can be accepted for this period.

3.2. The rental period always starts between 17:00h and 19:00h. Depending on the agreed period, the departure takes place at 10:00 am or 8:00 pm respectively.

3.3. Deviations from the rental period are possible with prior agreement between the tenant, landlord and owner. Provided that the deviation does not cause conflict with other rentals.

3.4. Deviations from the rental period without the prior consent of the landlord and the owner, gives the owner (possibly through the landlord) the right to charge an extra rent for the extended period. This is always settled in full days. In this case, the owner and landlord retain the right to remove the tenant from the holiday home in order to avoid a conflict with other rentals.


The agreement and the reservation of the holiday home is only concluded after receipt of the certain sums on the pre-agreed payment method.

4.1. The deposit and remaining rent, after receipt of the advance payment, must be paid at the latest 40 days before the actual rental period, according to the agreed payment method. In the absence of this payment, your reservation will be considered cancelled.

4.2. No changes can be made by the tenant other than those agreed with the landlord and owner.

4.3. If the tenant does not meet the payment conditions as described above or as agreed with the owner or landlord, the owner has the right to charge an additional administrative fee of € 250, – plus the legal interest. This from 14 calendar days after the absence of the amounts due. This period only ends on the day that the sums due have actually been received on behalf of the owner.


At the latest before the start of the rental period, the tenant is bound to pay the monetary deposit. These funds had to be received by the owner or landlord at the latest at the start of the rental. In the absence of the guarantee, the agreement will be terminated. (See Art. 14 cancellation)

5.1. The amount of the monetary guarantee is € 250,- per consecutive reservation. This amount can be increased if the owner determines an increased risk of the rental. Any modification of the deposit is determined in advance in mutual consultation with the landlord and tenant.

5.2. Changes in the risk due to incorrect or incomplete information at the time of booking entitles the owner to change the amount of the deposit. If in this situation no agreement can be found between tenant, landlord and owner, this gives the owner the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement. (See art.14 cancellation)

5.3. The refund of the deposit after deduction of any outstanding costs will be made to the tenant at the latest 14 calendar days after the end of the rental agreement.


The cost of the holiday home includes the amounts of the utensils listed below, provided that they are not of an excessive nature.

6.1. The holiday home is equipped with running (hot) water, electricity, electric heating, WiFi, digital television. The consumption costs for these utilities are included in the estimates below.

6.2. The costs for the utilities are determined as follows. Provided that the consumption of these facilities is not excessive.

Winter : weekend: € 60 – lang weekend: € 80 – midweek: € 110 – week: € 175

Summer : weekend: € 30 – long weekend: € 40 – midweek: € 60 – week: € 95

6.3. If the consumption of the utilities is so high that it can be classified as excessive, the owner has the right to pass on the actual costs of the consumption to the lessee. *This is determined on the basis of the average consumption of other prior rentals.

6.4. It is strictly forbidden to charge electric cars on the electricity grid of the home. The additional consumption will be settled. In case of damage to the infrastructure of the house, the costs will be recovered from the tenant.


For the operation of the holiday home , the owner owes a tax to the local government. The local authority is responsible for determining the modal conditions of this tax.

7.1. The tourist tax is payable during the rental period for the real number of people staying in the holiday home.

7.2. Deviations from stays are only accepted if they have been notified in advance to the owner and the landlord. If there are changes to the stay during the rental or without prior notification to the owner and the landlord, these will not be accepted.

7.3. The tourist tax is € 1.50/pp/night if the person exceeds the age of 3 years at the time of rental. The tourist tax is charged at the end of the rental.


Cancellation of the reservation is possible at any time, provided that the following conditions are met. We advise you to  take out travel cancellation insurance  with your insurance institution for your stay in the holiday home.

8.1. Cancellation or modification up to 60 days before the rental. In this situation, you only owe the advance of your reservation. Any rent, deposit or costs that you have already transferred will be refunded to you.

Cancellation or modification between 59 and 40 days before rental: In this situation you owe 50% of the rental price as cancellation costs. Any rent, deposit or costs that you have already transferred will be refunded to you.

Cancellation or modification less than 40 days before rental: In this situation, the full rental price is due. Any deposit and costs that you have already transferred will be refunded to you.

8.2. Situations that give the owner the right to unilaterally terminate the rental agreement are always less than 40 days under the conditions of a cancellation , even if it occurs more than 40 days before the rental period.

8.3. A cancellation will only be accepted when the owner or landlord has been informed in writing or by e-mail. The post date determines the conditions.


In exceptional cases, the owner reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the lease without the tenant being able to claim reimbursement or any form of compensation.

9.1. The owner has the right to terminate the rental agreement unilaterally and with immediate effect if it determines in any way that violations of the house rules or the general terms and conditions occur. Or if he determines that damage is being deliberately caused to this property.

This can be, for example, when the maximum allowed persons or pets are exceeded. If dance parties or drinking parties are organized or it is determined that there are intentions to do so. Or when it is determined that the accommodations are used to trade or labor or to sublet.

Of course, the rental agreement will be suspended immediately if (after the intervention of the competent authority) it is established that a violation of the (local) laws takes place. This can be done in situations of established nuisance or illegal acts.

9.2. When the amounts due (rent and/or deposit) have not been paid or have been paid late.

9.3. In the event of force majeure or coincidence, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, without the tenant being able to claim performance or partial compensation. Force majeure is understood to mean any situation that falls outside the human actions of the owner or landlord.


The holiday home should be left neatly on departure. Failure to do so may result in additional costs on final cleaning.

This means:

    • Brush/sweep the spaces;
    • Do the dishes and clean up;
    • (Electrical) household appliances to clean (barbecue included);
    • Clean the kitchen counter, dining and coffee table (don’t forget the lids of the waste bins);
    • Put moved furniture back where it was on arrival;
    • Leave the toilets decent;
    • Sort your waste and deposit it in the right place (think of the small waste bins in the bathrooms and toilets);
      • The duo box can be found outside on the street or at the rear of the house
      • depositing vegetables, fruit and garden waste in a compostable bag (this is already provided in the small bucket in the kitchen) in the green part of the duo bin,
      • residual waste in a closed bag, you can also deposit in the duo bin.
      • Paper and cardboard may be left in a cardboard box in the garden house.
      • For PMD there are blue waste bags provided in the garden house.
      • Glass can be deposited in the glass containers in the Carrefour market car park.
    • Clean up the beds and throw the bedding (mattress and pillow protectors) into the linen basket;
    • Turn off the refrigerator again and leave the doors open;
    • Rinse the sinks.

10.1. The cleaning costs are predetermined and amount to € 80,-. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, additional cleaning costs may be charged. These can be settled by means of the guarantee.


The landlord and owner are obliged to make the holiday home available to the tenant at the agreed time and in good condition and in accordance with the booking confirmation.


13.1. The tenant is liable for the damage caused by him or his fellow guests or attendees. If a claim occurs, the tenant must immediately inform the owner of Maison violette.

13.2. Cars can be stationed in the parking spaces provided for this purpose. The use of this is at your own risk.

13.3. Upon arrival at the holiday home, the  tenant is obliged to inspect the holiday home and adjacent land. If the tenant finds damage that is not mentioned on the inventory, he must report it within 4 hours after arrival at the holiday home.

13.4. An  overnight stay is allowed in the holiday home for the number of people mentioned on the rental agreement. Only the persons specified by the tenant, when booking, are allowed to spend the night in the holiday home. Unless expressly authorized by the owner and possibly the payment of an additional rental price, this can be deviated from.

13.5. The tenant is  responsible for all persons or animals present during his stay in the holiday home. It is up to the tenant to ensure that no unwanted persons or animals are present in the house.

13.6. In case of violation, the rental agreement will be dissolved with immediate effect and the tenant and his guests are bound to leave the holiday home immediately. See Art.9.

13.7. The holiday home is completely non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace. Butts and ashes must be collected in an ashtray.


14.1. The owner of Maison-Violette cannot be held liable for damage in the holiday home caused by the guest or third parties; the guest indemnifies the owner against claims. The owner is not liable for malfunctions in and around the holiday home, such as malfunctions and failures of power, water supplies and technical installations, construction work not announced or untimely and changes to access or main roads.

14.2. Only in the event of gross negligence or negligence on the part of the owner can the owner be held liable for the damage suffered.

14.3. The owner is never liable for theft, loss or damage, of any kind, to the tenant during or as a result of the rental or stay in the holiday home.

14.4. If there is legal liability on the part of the owner, this is always limited to direct and proven damage. Consequential damage is always excluded from any compensation.

14.5. Indemnities can never exceed the limit of the maximum amount of insurance that the insurer would pay out in the appropriate case.



15.1. The owner and landlord guarantee the accuracy of the description of the accommodation, with the understanding that minor deviations are considered acceptable. The description and impressions of the accommodation and the immediate surroundings, including amenities, establishments, facilities and recreational facilities, may differ from the description on the landlord’s website due to their nature or due to interim changes or seasonal influences. The information in question is considered to be personal and subjective.

15.2. The tenant is always entitled to submit his grievances to the landlord or the owner by means of a complaint. The landlord or owner must always handle a complaint adequately and urgently.

15.3. The tenant must report a complaint to the landlord or the owner within 24 hours at the latest upon arrival at the residence address or during the stay. The latter will try to resolve the complaint immediately on the spot.

Reported complaints that are only reported to the landlord or the owner 24 hours after the determination do not entitle you to compensation or compensation.

We thank you for the trust you place in us and wish you a pleasant stay.