In the region of Barvaux (Durbuy) Belgium there is lots to do. To help you to discover the region and surroundings we give you some tips of nice things to do in the region.


In a range of 4,5 km you can the medieval city of Durbuy. How claims the title of the smallest city of Europe. It’s known for the small and narrow streets, cosy terraces and a diamante museum. Or you can take a ride through town with a horse carriage.  

It’s nice by the shores of the river “Ourthe” and from the Belvedere you have a beautiful view over the historical city. There are several activities like a kayaking, miniature golf, bow or carbine shooting.

Hikers will be very pleased. The idyllic surroundings there are several hiking trails by the shore of the Ourthe or through the woods. You can find a brochure or map at the tourism office in the center of Durbuy. 

You will find the most beautiful walks and bike rides here.


Strolling through the snug market is also in the neighborhood of Maison Violette. We give you a overview of the local markets.

Who would love to visit a local market can find one on;

  • Monday in Marche
  • Wednesday in Barvaux
  • Saturday in Hotton
  • Sunday in Bomal

War memorials 

The region of the Ardenne has a rich history. Enthusiast of history and war there are a lot of war memorials, cemeteries were we can honor the victims of this tragedies. With the cemetery and the memorial of Neuville, Hotton, Saint-Hubert , Bastogne from the second world war.


In the area there are lots of fun trips to do with the family. We have collected some of our favorites for you, read more here.

As you can there are many experiences waiting for you in the beautiful region of Barvaux. If you would like to stay notified with temporary activities please follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter here below.