To make you feel right at home, we would like to give you some useful information for your stay in Durbuy.

So you can discover Durbuy, we already give you some inside information and some interesting locations in the neighborhood of Durbuy. So you can find the way and enjoy your stay.

What do you have to bring with you:

Bedlinen: fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover

Kitchenlinen: dishcloth and dishrag

Bathlinen: bath towel, face cloth, face towel, toilet paper and tissue

Useful information


Medical practice (5km)
Rue du Ténimont 37
6940 Barvaux (Durbuy)
+32(0)86 21 27 52


Pharmacie Huart
En Charotte 4
6940 Barvaux (Durbuy)
+32(0)86 21 14 83

Petit Barvaux 5
6940 Barvaux (Durbuy)
+32(0)86 21 11 63


Route de Durbuy 35A-B
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)477 82 96 30


Hospital Princess Paola Ifac (21km)
Rue du Vivier 21,
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
+32 (0)84 21 91 11


Boulangerie Delhaye Barvaux
Chainrue 1
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)86 21 35 05

Boulangerie Patisserie Sandwicherie Destin
Grand’Rue 36
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)86 21 12 40


Rue de l’Industrie 2/1
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)86 21 89 74

Jugnot Michaël
Rue de l’Industrie 34
6940 Durbuy
+32(0)86 21 11 98

Boucherie J. Andre
Grand’Rue 40
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)86 34 90 34

Carrefour Market
Route de Marche 26
6940 Barvaux
086 21 13 79

Rue de l’Industrie 2
6940 Barvaux

AD Delhaize
Petit Barvaux 6
6940 Barvaux-Sur-Ourthe
086 36 60 08

Route de Marche 41
6940 Barvaux
086 21 27 21

Route de Marche 6
6940 Barvaux
086 21 91 09

Route de Marche 28
6940 Barvaux
086 21 91 70

Route de Marche 37
6940 Barvaux
086 21 19 44

BNP Paris-Bas Fortis
En Charotte 19
6940 Barvaux-Sur-Ourthe
086 34 94 60

BNP Paris-Bas Fortis
En Charotte 19
6940 Barvaux-Sur-Ourthe
086 34 94 60

Grand’Rue 46
6940 Barvaux
086 21 91 80




Bus stop Barvaux Spar (1,2 km)
Here you can take bus 11a PROXIBUS de BURBUY.
You can find more information here

Rental bikes

Royal Syndicat d’Initiative of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe
1 Parc Juliènas
6940 Barvaux-sur-Ourthe
+32(0)86 21 11 65
each day from 9h till 12u25h and from 13h till 17h

Adventure Valley
Rue de Rome 1
6940 Durbuy – België
+32 (0) 86 21 28 15


Arrival is between 17:00 and 19/00h. If you are experiencing a delay, we ask you to notify us.

Departure is mostly at 10:00h, except on sunday then departure is at 20:00h.

You arrive between 17:00 and 19:00h.

When you arrive we’re present to welcome you in the house;
– The keys of the house can be found in the key-safe at your right beside the door, when you have arrived we give you the code;
– The refrigerator can be put on by the rotary switch inside the refrigerator;
– The instructions of the kitchen appliance are in the drawer of the kitchen;
– We also provide four you a few dishwasher detergent, the packaging must be removed before use;
– There is WiFi present, with your reservation u receive the password;
– In the summerhouse you can find firewood for the stove, incase you would like to use it we will put it on the final bill.

Yes, When you arrive there is one of use present to welcome you. We give a little tour in the house and answer all of your questions.

At your departure we ask you to leave the house behind in a tiny state, we expect the following:

  • Brush the rooms;
  • Do the dishes and clear up the rooms;
  • Clean (elektrical) household appliances (barbecue included);
  • Wipe the kitchen counter and he diner and coffee table (Don’t forget the lids of the trashcans);
  • Place furniture back on his place as at arrival;
  • Leave toilets decent;
  • the waste needs to be sorted and placed on the right spot (think about the little can’s in the bathrooms and toilets);
    • You can find  the duocan out-side at the side of the road or at the back of the house
      Vegetables, fruit and garden waste: you can deposit in the green compartment of the duocan,
    • Can deposit the wast in a closed bag in the duocan
    • Paper and cardboard You kan leave in cardboard box in the summerhouse
      For PMD-waste there are blue bags in the summerhouse,
    • Glas can dispose at the glascontainers on the parking lot of the Carrefour market.

      Don’t forget to place the duocan by the road when you leave;

  • We ask you to dispose the used bedlinen  in the basket in the bathroom (mattress and pillow protectors);
  • Turn-off the refrigerator;
  • Rince the washbasin;
  • Close all the window and curtains;
  • Turn the electrical heating in the bedrooms to stand 3.
  • Put the de thermostat in the livingroom to 15°C.

In case of damage we ask you to contact us as soon as possible. The repair cost will be deducted from the warrant.

When you bring your dog we ask you te following:

  • Make sure he doesn’t get lost in neighbouring gardens
  • Please cleanup the droppings 
  • Don’t allow the dog in the bed- and bathrooms
  • Supervise your dog so he doesn’t cause damage

You don’t have to dispose the waste yourself. It gets collected on monday. Further instructions can be find in the storage room.

Only, empty glass bottles and jars you have to dispose in glass containers. You can find one on the parking lot of the Carrefour Market.

Maison-Violette is provided with ecological measurements. For one the house equipped with solar panels for 80% of the realistic the consumption.  In addition there is rainwater well used for one out the two toilets. There is a purification station to purify the wastewater before it gets disposed.  We encourage the use of ecological detergents and materials. We take pride in separating the waste as prescribed. 

But we like to take it a bit further. 

We put the local economy in the spotlight. When we have to replace materials and they are still in acceptable state. We donated to a upcycling organisation of a good cause.

We also believe in an inclusive community. Maison-Violette has reasonable adaptations for guest with less mobility or disability. Exclusion based on rase, seksual orriantation or gender is unacceptable. When you receive unacceptable remarques by our  staff or partners, please let us know. 

For our youngest guest we take special care. We have two bedrooms with sound babybeds, matteras and -protector. Because bedlinen (blanket or sleeping bag) is a personal chose we ask you to bring your own. In the dining place we have two high chairs, in the bathroom there is a bathtub and a changing table with pillow. Please use a cover or a towel to protect the pillow.

Sure, Barvaux is a brimming community with a rich local economy. There are several restaurants, we give you some of our favorites.

Mama Gusto – Italian
Chainrue 21
6940 Durbuy
+32(0)86 32 11 15
Closed: monday
Options: take away and home delivery

Le Karawa – Brasserie
Grand’Rue 42
6940 Barvaux
+32(0)86 21 20 38
Closed: monday – tuesday

Shanghai – Chinese
Petit Barvaux 24
6940 Durbuy
+32(0)86 32 38 88
Closed: monday
Options: take away