And What About Us…….

Koen and myself became proud owners of Maison Violette in May 2018. We are real entrepreneurs – it’s in our genes!

Koen works full-time as an IT consultant, and in the evening continues with his own private business. His company, VC Systems, provides IT services to individuals and small private companies. In the very little free time left, he likes hiking, gardening and enjoying good food….

I am Romana, Koen’s partner. By day I work for the Federal Government and in the evenings I also run an additional small business as an event and wedding planner with my company Majestic. And, as if my days are already not full enough, I follow a marketing course twice-weekly at the University College of Leuven L (UCLL).  I also love hiking, reading and cooking. Koen and myself we have 4 children Miguël, Elien, Charlotte and Thomas.

This is us...

And What About Us…….

We, just like you, regularly go to Maison Violette with the kids. We relax together, barbecue, play outside and much much more….

In case you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We’ll come back to you as soon as possible.