The hunting season will soon start in Durbuy!

The Ardennes that is also hunting. For many years there has been a tradition of hunting in the Ardennes. With hunting, they not only take care of the delicious meals on your plate, but also guard the balance of wild animals in the forests of Luxembourg.

During the hunting season you can and may still enjoy the nature that the Ardennes has to offer. The hunting calendar of the Durbuy region can  be found here. There are measures of forces for safe hunting. We list them here.

Entrances to the forests

When you see these posters hanging at the entrance of the forest, access is prohibited. Respect this guideline, they are for your safety. In the case of a red poster, access is prohibited, i.e. it is an active hunting area. With a yellow poster they announce that hunting will take place.


During autumn the forests are at their most beautiful with all the variegated colors of the leaves, but it is also darker in the forests. Therefore, wear clothing with strongly striking colors, such as fluorescent for example. Avoid going into the woods completely dark or camouflaged dresses. Your visibility is your safety!

With the dog

Autumn is the most beautiful season for a nice walk with the dog in the woods. Nevertheless, during the hunting season, keep your loyal friend on a leash in a forest that is designated as a hunting area. A bang of a shot can alarm and disturb him.

If the forest is not designated as a hunting area, it is still best to keep your dog close to you. Floating during the hunt can cause the animals to flee in the forest. Your dog might see this as a game and put a run to it.

Enjoy nature in complete safety.